Branding Classy & Sassy for our Followers

The idea behind the name of our brand is to target women and encourage them to be “classy & sassy” in all that they do by devoting more time to themselves – basically empower all women. Our blog offers women, typically between the ages of 18-30, advice on various things such as, fashion, food, health, and beauty. A few words that would represent the qualities of our blog are, friendly, encouraging, trendy, healthy, fashion forward, and inspiring.

It was a fun and challenging project to come up with the concept for our Classy & Sassy logo. We wanted to keep the idea simple, yet elegant, so we used the “CS” to create an image that our followers could easily associate with Classy & Sassy, and that also corresponds to the already established look and feel of our blog. We feel that the colors that would best represent our blog would be neutral colors such as grays, tans, gold, nudes, and possibly even pastels. These colors give off a more high-end feel in which we hope will target a more sophisticated audience.

In the end, we chose to use the gray and white CS because it was simple, yet very easy to identify. We think that it is the perfect combo of Classy & Sassy!


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